“Cats – Rumour Has It” is about three garden-variety cats and their adventures from day to day.

The Cats are –

Minou, a male born in August 2010 (August is a careful guess and his birthday has been agreed to be the 14th). His early life he’s never divulged but the guesses are that it was tragic and difficult. He was found in October in a car engine, very skinny, very ill and all on his own, and was brought home after a vet visit. It was touch and go for a few days, but he made a great recovery and has grown into an amazingly beautiful adult.

Luna, a female born also in August 2010 (that’s also a guess and she deigned to have the same birthday as Minou). In October, a week after Minou was found, she was found hanging on to a car axle after a hair-raising ride down the autoroute, was rescued relunctantly (she was in control of the situation! Really!) and was kidnapped as far as she was concerned (we thought we were taking her to safety). She was introduced to Minou and made herself at home, despite occasional comments about having been kidnapped.

Chocolate, a tiny female born in June 2011 (guesswork yet again! She went for the 11th for her birthday). Chocolate was found roaming around a town, near a block of flats, on her own and got taken to a vet. We visited the same vet within the next day or so and couldn’t resist the cuteness. She came home with us and turned out to be Minou’s and Luna’s birthday present (Luna was unimpressed and Minou was freaked – “WHAT is that!?”). She doesn’t seem to have any plans to grow any bigger than tiny, nor any plans to stop being a kitten ‘forEVER!’ (this is her claim anyway – her voice is squeaky, she doesn’t seem to miaow much!).


We, the owners of the cats, are C. and A., good friends and colleagues. Mini (Minou) feels that A.’s his human and Luna feels that C.’s hers (when she has a human). Chocky (Chocolate) belongs to Mini and Luna, of course. Most posts are by C., with occasional posts by A. 🙂


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