The Long Awaited Update!

Hi guys! 🙂

We apologise for not posting this long, but things have been wild for a while: between our fieldwork going nuts, and the shooting of a documentary, the writing of all the academic books and articles and arguing with the local government that still refuses to accord us the rights of EU citizens – breaking the EU law by doing that, btw… but the place has gone through radical changes and unfortunately, those changes have been to a rather extreme right, which, if you need any further explanation, thinks that the majority of the people on the planet should be killed and that Hitler was a really OK guy whose regime should be brought back… and we’re neither exaggerating or kidding, things have been crazy and we’ve really been too pressed for time to post anything. Plus, this place has a really lousy internet, meaning that we tend to have big problems looking for/posting any largish documents.

But enough about us, let’s talk about them. The cats, that is.
Well, as far as they are concerned, they couldn’t care less about the local politics. As long as there’s a pate or any kind of a cat treat at the end of the day, they feel that pesky human matters are and should be counted as so last Tuesday. Or something similar. You know that cat look of total, utter disdain, when they bring the whole matter (whatever that matter is) to a close with one look? Well, that’s the one.
They couldn’t care less. Plus, they are rather busy at the moment.

In fact, they have had a lot of their own cares… because we now have kittens! 🙂
Since we believe in not cutting people up for human commodity (and because, through my work especially, we have seen too many animals after operations that were actually necessary, which has left us with a great dislike for the idea – implants are better and if you think about it, women use a very similar thing as well!), none of our pets are ever castrated/sterilised, unless – as has happened in one sad case of a doggy illness, which thankfully ended up well in the end – their health demands it. We’ve been hoping to have kittens and so has Luna, and no matter how many people turn up their noses at the idea of non-pure bred animals (because we should, apparently, all be Nazi-style collaborators who think that purity is really “it”… or something), our wish has come true on 23rd July – mind, she had us fooled right up to the moment she started, because Luna is a big girl and the babies were small.

Anyhow, Luna and Mini, the happy parents, have actually managed to get to have babies! 🙂 They have tried to have babies before, and have managed one pregnancy, but the baby did not survive birth… This time, thankfully, when it seemed that there might be complications, we managed to get Lune-Lune to the vet.
Because she is so very narrow (too narrow for a cat!), Luna could not deliver her little boys the natural way and had to have a caesarean (c-section, if anyone’s unfamiliar with the whole term). Due to her problems, we have also taken the difficult decision that should never come lightly to anyone (we’re dealing with living beings here!) and have allowed the vet to sterilise her, since she was being operated on anyway.
We’ll miss her cute in heat behaviour terribly… I don’t know why people think that animals are tortured by having natural functions, such as we humans do*. I also don’t see what is so disturbing about animals showing sexual behaviour – we do! Read Cosmo if you don’t believe me.
Cutting short the rant about people being absolute dumb asses at best and murderous bastards at worse, back to the story of kitten cuteness (because we all know about the other stuff 🙂 ).

Luna was still very drugged when we got her back the same evening and with her were two little baby boys. She needed help for the entirety of the first night, because due to the drugs, she couldn’t respond properly when her babies needed her.
So we stayed up all night and took care of them.
We absolutely fell in love with the kitsies, as we call them… Luna is an amazing mother, in spite of the worries that she may not want to take care of them, due to the stress of the caesarean. If anything, she cares for them almost obsessively. She’s also lost weight now that she is breastfeeding (which is good, she was huge… on the same diet as the other cats, who are slim… go figure… 🙂 ).

The happy daddy was, at first, freaked out.
They were small, they were blind, they were squeaky and they were most definitely not a product of any of his body parts. At least, that was his initial statement. He actually ran for it, when he saw them.

Chocolate was intrigued.
Are they some kind of a freaky mouse? No, don’t seem to be… so what do you do with them? You must remember that Chocky is only now a year old. And kinda silly.

Luna, of course, still had to give us a rather bad fright. A day before her stitches were due to go out, we noticed that she is licking at something intently. At first we thought that she, or one of the babies, threw up… only to notice that she is in fact leaking large amounts of liquid from one of the stitches.
We rushed her to the vet, who discovered the following – Luna produces enough milk for a small army of kittens, but since there are only two, the pressure of the tits actually caused the stitch in question (at the bottom of her tummy) to be in less than pristine condition (because it was being pressed in and she couldn’t clean around it… the stitches she got were for lactating females, meaning no collar, but a way of stitching that cannot be torn out), meaning it got a little icky and then, thankfully, all the ick poured out. She got compatible antibiotics (compatible with her current activity, that is 🙂 ), which she ate without complaints, or without them having to be hidden in the food first. Wow.
I mean, really. Wow.
If only worming them was that easy.

The kittens went to the vet with their mommy. Mini, the hapless father, was panicked.
He was behaving kinda like this – oh, please, I’ll be good… I never ever meant it when I said they weren’t mine… I’ll do anything, please, please, just give me back my Luna and my babies… even if they scare me.
He actually refused to come out from under the top of the carrier cage for hours when they were brought back home.
Since then, he’s been trying to bond.
Cutely and cautiously, but still trying.

Luna went to have her stitches removed a week ago or so. By now, the boys, dubbed Elladan and Elrohir (smile, all ye Tolkien fans! 🙂 ), can see, but Elrohir had us a bit worried. He seemed not to respond to outside stimuli. While his brother definitely showed that he can see, even if he continued to doggedly walk with his head towards the thing that he could now see (his little legs were just too weak, and he still wanted to move lots), Elrohir would just sit there and do nothing.
So we had him checked, only to figure out that his vision is perfect… it’s just that he’s the kind of kitten that sits around and thinks a lot.
Since the last vet visit, the kittens have started exploring way more than before. They are still mainly in the big cage that they use as a den (Luna’s choice, and that cage is comfy and nice and can admit an adult human, guys… so a nice apartment, more than a cage! 🙂 ), but they have started to look decisively more like cats, they meow instead of peeping and they walk with their legs and not their paws.
They also appear to be incredibly healthy. The trouble with a lot of pure bred animals is the fact that, through selective breeding, they acquire a lot of health problems (try my adopted pup… she’s six and has to have tablets, because her thyroid is faulty… and the Eurasiers are supposed to be fairly healthy! We know a large Schnautzer that could pass for bionic any day!). With garden variety anything, from dogs to horses to cats, the only issues that can appear are those of the lack of the gene pool. There are limited amounts of them breeding, because they are unwanted by snooty humans. So we’re glad that Luna and Mini had babies… more garden variety cats around! 🙂
They are tremendously cute, the two of them. They have started, some time ago, to purr already (and hiss, as I discovered when I unwittingly woke poor little frightened Elrohir from deep slumbers… ok, so I thought he was choking at first, but no, it was actual hissing…), to do all the cleaning things that mommy does and to actually play.
As much as their bodies allow them, anyway.
We’ve documented the kittens’ progress day by day, so there’s going to be loads and loads of pictures (and there’s pics of the other cats as well, since there’s a backlog of a lot of weeks now).

That’s all for now. Hope you enjoy our garden variety kitten pictures and the pics of their parents and their… auntie?… Choc.
Cats rule! 🙂
(That last was added by Chocky, who seems to think that it is important for you all to know this.)


* (we can’t always get to sex when we’re needy, either, and we don’t get cut up and get everything removed! and responsible pet owners CAN take care of the animal and make sure it does not have unwanted pregnancies! and trust me, people who kill baby animals do so anyway, and they also don’t get their “pets”, if such people can be seen as owning pets, sterilised or castrated… I have seen that on terrain. The general issue is the nature/culture conflict… ie, according to my own filed research and vet informants, people think that the animal will become a robot that will do whatever they want, if the sexual parts of it are removed. That, dear readers, is fuckin’ SICK, and that’s what it is. Pets should be friends, not things. Also, the idea that a personality – the “nature” part, because humans are, apparently, all “culture”… which explains the huge amount of sexually incapable out there… I’m not even going to discuss the stupidity of this, but still, there you go – can be removed and should be removed this way is not only condemnable, but scientifically laughable.)

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