Spread the love… and dental sticks!

This happened recently, and we’ve been way too busy to post anything for a while, but now we’re back and will hopefully be able to post more often. 🙂

My dog, also a part of our little family, is an adorable female, who has very much accepted the cats when they slinked into our lives. In fact, she tends to be very gentle and friendly towards them… as the following story will show.

About a week or so ago, Narcissa (or Cisa, or Cheech for short) was given a really good dental stick to play with. Naturally, she took it over to the middle of the room, to the little bare square where we usually practice our yoga (the coolest place in the room for a longhaired dog at this time of year) and started to nibble on it.

This procedure usually takes ages, because Cisa is the type of the dog who really enjoys small meals. But this time, she bit it in half quite fast.

And then, who should come slinking along but Chocolate. She had that cute little “Whatcha doin’?” face on and was purring. And Cisa, bless her little cotton socks, being a good girl, showed her the dental stick.

Choc being Choc, she promptly decided to give it a try.

Which Cisa most happily indulged.

So the biggest animal in the room had one part of the dental stick, and the smallest had the other, and then they lay down, pretty much side by side, and in the SAME POSITION to enjoy their treat. It was hilarious.

Choc spent a while nibbling, but being more interested in play than actual eating, relinquished her bit of the treat to one of the other dogs of the household we’re currently inhabiting, who lost no time and ate it very quickly. I don’t think Choc was disappointed; she seems to like feeding dogs.

Yes, you heard right. She does tend to give stuff to other animal people. And then expects the same courtesy back, which, oddly enough, usually happens.

So Choc’s into spreading love… and dental sticks. It’s not the first time she’s been so absolutely loving and loved… she spent a lot of time as a kitten being babysat by other animals…. But that’s another story. 🙂

Written by A.

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