When Chocolate first came into the household, she was very tiny, very cute, very friendly (all things which have not changed one bit – even the tiny thing…) and Luna had a major objection to getting a weird little furry thing for her birthday… Mini was freaked out, because it was odd… (Opinions which have very much changed – Luna and Mini both adore her!) So, as we weren’t sure if there might not be fights as she settled in, Chocky got babysat whenever we were away by… a rabbit and a guinea pig!

The rabbit, Tiger, was about the same size as Chocky and quite fond of her and very easy in temperament, which meant that when Chocolate was trying to chew on his ear and bound all over him, he just stood there and when it was too much, he moved away very calmly. The guinea pig, Sugar, didn’t mind either way and generally, Chocolate felt that Sugar was a lot of fun, if only she could figure out where his head was (long fur – looks like a walking carpet!).

Tiger and Sugar used to share a large cage with loads of space in all directions, so Chocolate would go in the cage when we went out and would play in the hay with the others and usually when we got home, she’d be curled up in a corner fast asleep, purring and the other two would have a face of “Could you do something about the purring carpet thing in the corner?”

As it became clear that the cats were all fine with each other, Chocolate didn’t get put in for kittensitting (where the kitten sits on the rabbit 😉 ) and she only got to play with the other two less often and when we were around. She got only slightly bigger than Tiger was, but big enough that she could accidentaly hurt him while playing rough.

Half a year ago or so, Tiger died of a sudden cancer and since then, Sugar’s been living firstly on his own and then later with a very ancient degu. Chocolate doesn’t have the option to play with him much, because she’s a bit too big at this point. Although last time Sugar’s cage base was changed, all three cats were playing with him and Sugar was happily chasing them back… Guinea pigs have a hell of a lot of guts… And he’s quite fond of the cats even if they get annoying…

Written by C.

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