I Spell Funkily

We just noticed that my spelling gets a little arbitrary… or otherwise weird. On account on being mainly French (born in France, raised in France, then moved to Britain… but of British heritage :)… so really more French in my approach to spelling…), my English has MOMENTS (yes, it deserves capitalisation… but it’s not as bad as those occasions when random Ancient Greek or Latin get involved due to my eccentric education!) and during those Moments, I am not responsible for what happens to an otherwise inoffensive and quite useful and kindly language. It’s up to A. to stop those Moments from getting published in any way or form, but sometimes, just sometimes, I jump the gun and publish before she can check what I just wrote and woe betide me then…. For the spelling is usually more eccentric and funky than normal and it means a whole lot of checking, editing, fixing, and confusion that everybody would love to avoid…

I promise that at some point I will actually remember to swallow the dictionary and use the spellcheck (cool that!) and then only the Latin and Greek will cause the problems and then A. will make the comment of ‘Ecce!* You did it again!’ and I will promptly provide the translation that I so often regret not finding in the academic texts that usually use said languages!

In the meantime, enjoy my posts, ignore the crazy Moments and remind me if I forget to translate something!

*Ecce! – Latin exclamation/imperative meaning ‘Look!’

Written by C.

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