It’s Yellow and Black – Can I Eat It?

That was Chocky’s response to finding that a wasp had made its way into the house a few days ago…

To both A’s and my horror, she actually proceeded to catch it and was desperately trying to get it to hold still long enough to actually eat it. I rushed to the rescue being the closest and managed to grab Chocolate when she’d just dropped the wasp again and get her to another room so that I could close a door between her and the wasp… Only to turn around and have to rescue Luna and the wasp from each other, because Luna was going to try the dainty treat that Chocolate was missing out on. Luna let go of the wasp when I picked her up and sent her running off in another direction – easily done, because she’s got this aversion to being picked up and in any way fussed over, so if you pick her up and then put her down, she runs for it in case you change your mind and decide to catch her to kiss her or something equally terrible.

By this point, Mini, who’d been watching the proceedings curiously, decided that this wasn’t interesting and that there might be stuff to do elsewhere, and off he went to another room, leaving A. and me alone with the stunned wasp. The wasp was trying to get out the nearest window, which I promptly opened, and problem solved – it flew out, very likely only minimally injured and mainly stunned and confused by being picked up by two very unworried cats in such quick succession.

We checked Chocolate and Luna for any signs of either of them having been stung, worried that there would have to be a vet visit for them (something they hate), but thankfully both seemed perfectly fine, if a little put out on account of not having been able to eat that wasp.

Ironically, wasps weren’t previously included on our list of ‘what cats will eat’ and I don’t want to guess what might happen if a hornet gets into the house. You would have thought that the one occasion that Luna tried to eat an ant (she discovered that ants bite back) and the occasion that Choc caught a shrew (that also bit back) would have made them a little bit more cautious about potentially biting prey… Scarily, nope.

Written by C.

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