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When Chocolate first came into the household, she was very tiny, very cute, very friendly (all things which have not changed one bit – even the tiny thing…) and Luna had a major objection to getting a weird little furry … Continue reading

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Spread the love… and dental sticks!

This happened recently, and we’ve been way too busy to post anything for a while, but now we’re back and will hopefully be able to post more often. 🙂 My dog, also a part of our little family, is an … Continue reading

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I Spell Funkily

We just noticed that my spelling gets a little arbitrary… or otherwise weird. On account on being mainly French (born in France, raised in France, then moved to Britain… but of British heritage :)… so really more French in my … Continue reading

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It’s Yellow and Black – Can I Eat It?

That was Chocky’s response to finding that a wasp had made its way into the house a few days ago… To both A’s and my horror, she actually proceeded to catch it and was desperately trying to get it to … Continue reading

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Chocolate’s Guide To What Cats Will Eat…

1. Cat Food, in so far as it is expensive, not boring and in variety (both dry food and pates – the pates being the favourite of the two, dry food is better for snacking) 2. Mice – successfully self-caught … Continue reading

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