“My dear Green Lizard!” or Chocky’s friend circle

In the house we currently inhabit, as you will know if you’ve glanced at other posts, there lives a smallish green iguana, the property of the daughter of the house, who’s married and lives elsewhere with her husband and kid (soon to be kids). As she couldn’t take the iguana with her, the little dinosaur wannabe, affectionately known as Fluffy (which was apparently the only name he responded to… meaning he probably wished he was a mammal, seeing us cool beings with no trouble with cold weather and that…), remained in the house to be looked after by whoever was there.

We took the task over quite happily (and why not?). Then, we got our cats.

We were a bit worried at first, since Fluffy isn’t a very human-friendly iguana… that being probably the real reason why he’s not kept around a small child. On those occasions when he had to be given medicine, or (oh, horror!) I once had to operate an abscess on his tail myself (love the holidays when no one works, don’t you?), we both got pretty badly scratched, bitten, tail whipped and generally lizarded. Not to mention that, while I do have a lot of experience with plenty of animal species’ first aid and similar, I do not actually make it a habit to cut open random lizards on weekends or holidays, so that was, at least for me, quite a bad experience.

Anyhow, the cats soon discovered the free roaming iguana and decided that he was most definitely a cat. Ok, a strange cat. A cat that had, obviously, some kind of tremendous accident with his looks – scaly skin and spikes may attract iguana girls, but they only invoke pity with cats. So they decided to make friends with the poor abandoned cat (who’s got no friends because he’s got bad skin, furless and all…). They groom him, generally try to play with him and cause Mr. Lizard to either feel total bliss, when he feels like company, or blind, red rage when he doesn’t.

Abject horror does occur as well.

Only a week or so ago, Chocky came to sit with Mr. Lizard in the patch of sun.

She actually hugged him, like she hugs other cats (or people’s hands, the sweet little thing that she is) and their interaction can only be described thusly:

Choc: “My lizard! My lizard! My dear, green lizard!”

While the iguana, with a horrified expression, was trying to scrape the cat off with a hind foot, going: “Get the fuck off me, get the fuck off me!”

It brings tears to one’s eyes to watch this kind of interaction, especially when it ends with the cat happily curling up into a little ball next to the horrified mini dragon, who is eyeing it with the :”Oh good, it’s sleeping now!” expression on its green face.

Written by A.

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