Mini’s Guide to the Proper Uses of A Cardboard Box

… With Add-ins from Chocolate and Luna!

1. Scratch it.
2. Sleep in it.
3. Sit on it.
4. Sit in it.
5. Hide in it.
6. Jump out from inside onto someone. (Chocolate and Mini)
7. Jump into it onto someone (preferably when they’re sleeping). (Chocolate)
8. Pee in it. (Mini)
9. Pee on it. (Mini)
10. Curl Up in it with someone. (Chocolate and Luna)
11. Lounge in it.
12. Live in it.
13. Be found in it.
14. Drag it around to reposition it. (Chocolate)
15. Drag it around as a game. (Chocolate)
16. Tear it into little shreds.
17. Eat the little shreds. (Luna and Chocolate)
18. Sit on it when someone is sleeping in it.
19. Sit on it when someone is in it.
20. Bat someone who’s in it.
21. Bat someone from within.
22. Lick yourself clean whilst in it.
23. Lick yourself clean whilst sitting on it.
24. Play in it.
25. Do the flip-curl-play move into it.
26. Jump from one box to another.
27. Jump from the box onto something else.
28. Jump from the box onto someone else.
29. Sit out of reach of the lizard and observe him from the top of the box.
30. Hide in it from the lizard.
31. Use it to freak out the lizard.
32. Use it to annoy the lizard.
33. Have it.
34. Protest when it’s stinky and has to be taken away, even if you don’t use it anymore at that point.
35. Disintegrate it into such small pieces that it’s not even there anymore.
36. Fight the broom that’s trying to take said small pieces away.
37. Have hay put in it.
38. Curl up in the hay in the box.
39. Pee in the hay in the box. (Mini)
40. Weird out someone else by peeing in the hay in their box. (Mini)
41. Try to markpee on the box and miss completely, hitting something else (such as random bits of clothing). (Mini)
42. Try to markpee on the box and succeed. (Mini)
43. Get hysterical and ‘maow’ into it. (Mini)
44. Echo-locate the box by maowing loudly at 2 am. (Mini)
45. Expect an echo and when it doesn’t happen, maow louder! (Mini)
46. Fight for the use of the box.
47. Affectionately molest someone to get them to go out of the box so that you can have it. (Chocolate)
48. Hang out of it in every which way.
49. Hang off it in every which way.
50. Avoid taking medication by hiding in the box.
51. Try to place the box into a location that it can’t possibly fit into.
52. Dig in it with the tail and/or rear sticking out.
53. Make a hole in the top so that you can dive in without using the main hole. (Chocolate)
54. Make a hole in it so that you can pounce out of that hole on to someone else.
55. Make a hole in it so you can pounce in onto someone else.
56. Make a hole in it and use it as a batting placement.
57. Drag things into it.
58. Drag things out of it.
59. Get annoyed at the person who’s dragged stuff out of it.
60. Rub against it.
61. Hide in it to avoid walks. (Luna)
62. Look out of it cutely during the day. (Chocolate)
63. Look out of it creepily during the night.
64. Dive in and disappear (because you blend in so well). (Chocolate)
65. Dive in and disappear, despite the fact that you really don’t blend in at all. (Mini and Luna)
66. Forget your toys in it.
67. Keep your toys in it.
68. Play in it with your toys.
69. Play in it with someone with your toys.
70. Lose the toys in it.
71. Hide in it and not allow anybody in.
72. Get the box stuck on top of you, so that the exit is under your feet…
73. Attack passing dogs from it.
74. Hide from said dogs in it.
75. Fall in the box off something.
76. Fall on the box off something.
77. Crawl under the box.
78. Sit in the box whilst someone is under it.
79. Sit on top of the box while someone is under it.
80. Sit on top of the box while someone’s in it and someone else is under it.
81. Play the bat-bat game in the above position.
82. Make a sour face whilst someone is batting you whilst you’re in the box. (Luna)
83. Try to stuff someone under it.
84. Try to stuff someone in it.
85. Try to push someone off it.
86. Try to pull someone down into it.
87. Try to pull someone down generally from it.
88. Try to pull someone from under it.
89. Do all this to acquire a toy.
90. Be fed in it.
91. Be fed on top of it.
92. Bury the food with the box.
93. Growl from the depths within it.
94. Make yourself look small within it.
95. Argue with someone because you’ve been pulled from the box.
96. Demand to be kissed whilst in it.
97. Heave a philosophical sigh whilst in it. (Luna)
98. Heave a philosophical sigh whilst on it. (Luna)
99. Be fussed over whilst in it.
100. Be fussed whilst sitting on it.
101. Seriously observe and get weirded out that humans can’t follow on or into the box.
102. Attack anyone carrying a box. (Chocolate)
103. Climb on anyone carrying the box. (Chocolate)
104. Purr loudly in it. (Chocolate)
105. Jump on the shoulder of the person who’s carrying the box. (Mini)
106. Be carried in the box.
107. Jump out of the box whilst someone’s carrying it.
108. Jump in the box whilst someone’s carrying it.
109. Be carried with someone in the box.
110. Start a fight with someone whilst being carried in the box.
111. Start a fight whilst being carried and then jump out of the box.
112. Wake someone who’s sleeping in the box.
113. Wake someone who’s sleeping on the box.
114. Be dragged around whilst in the box.
115. Drag the box around whilst someone is in it.
116. Tear the box apart whilst someone is in it.
117. Collect boxes.
118. Pull boxes into a pile.
119. Pull boxes out of a pile.
120. Love it!

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2 Responses to Mini’s Guide to the Proper Uses of A Cardboard Box

  1. Haha, wow that’s a lot of uses you got out of a single box. My cat is also loving his, I ve just written a blog post about Alfie’s toys, among which the cardboard box!

    • Hi! We’ll so have to look at what Alfie does, curious if he’s got any tricks up his little kitty sleeves that we have either also noticed or are yet to experience (or watch out for… ๐Ÿ˜‰ ). The thing is, three cats can come up pretty much with anything, and as we’re both anthropologists, this is beyond fascinating… ๐Ÿ˜‰ (Says A.)
      Although if they try more than a few of these uses on the same unfortunate box, they usually need a new one very soon… ๐Ÿ˜€ It’s the best toy ever! (Adds C.)

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