It’s not pate?!

Mini (the most common nickname for Minou) had a bit of a heartbreak a few days ago. We unexpectedly ran out of food and had to ask a friend to pick up some dry food from the nearest gas station. Unfortunately for Mini, the friend in question didn’t realise that Mini does not under any circumstances eat Kitekat dry food, but he will eat Kitekat pates very readily. The crux of the tragedy resided in the packaging – Kitekat packages both their pates and their dry food in green boxes, the only difference is the size. Mini saw a green box, taller than usual, but thinner, but it couldn’t be anything else than pate, surely? We all know that Mini doesn’t eat the dry food, right? Right?


Mini was shocked that anybody could do this to him. The girls, Luna and Chocky, had a sniff of the food, had a little nibble, and left it. Mini, on the other hand, boycotted food altogether and was crying until Whiskas dry food was fetched and he was plied with a suitable amount of pates as well.

So now, we’ve had to hide the Kitekat box so that Mini stops wondering if there might not actually be a pate in there, and if not, why, oh why are we keeping that nasty stuff in his room? And he’s very happily having his Whiskas dry food for lunch…

Written by C.

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