There are only three cats, but from the plethora of nicknames that are used, you would be easily led to believe that the house is overrun by a small army of furry, bewhiskered purring creatures… To clear up any confusion that may arise, here follows a full (at the moment) and simple (hopefully) list of nicknames and the corresponding cat. Anecdotes may ensue…

Minou – a.k.a. –
Mini-Mini (doubling up of names is one of those inevitable things…)
Mini-Minette (Mini was mistaken for a girl when he was very little because he was so scrawny when he was found)
Mr. Cat
Monsieur Cat (C. speaks French and has been known to do that to people…)
Ferret (Due to Mini adopting a ferret-like pose on occasions – there have been instances of calling Chocolate this also)
Puddy (Anybody seen Tweety lately?)
Puddy-Puddy (sorry!!)
Puddy-Pooh (It gets worse! Poor man!)
Maow-Maow (usually when he makes the said noise!)

Luna – a.ka. –
Chibi (she was actually upset when she realised that initially only Mini had a nickname, so we had to come up with something quick!)
Luna-chan (somehow Japanese fits with this cat, possibly because she has a sort of geisha face)
Cattess (better than ‘queen’, which has a default connotation of pregnancy and breeding; she’s more like a duchess and ‘cattess’ just happened from there…)
Loon (sound-effects happen)

Chocolate – a.k.a. –
Her full name is Chocolat Orange (yes, in French, this is not a misspelling), due to her fur colour reminding us of Lindt Chocolate…
Kitten (she’s tiny, and doesn’t seem to plan to grow up)
Baby (for a while, this was the only thing she responded to!)
Deru-chan (This nickname is to be blamed on her resemblance to a cat mentioned in a manga called Honjitsu no Neko by Iwamichi Sakura, believe it or not manga is research material. One of the cats in the manga resembles Chocky so much that we just had to!)
Weasel (Someone saw Chocky on a walk in her little harness from a distance and thought she was a weasel… Which definitely shows that people don’t know the difference between ferrets and weasels, because only ferrets are kept as pets! If you own a weasel, we apologize!)
Miu-Miu! (A noise she responds to without question! And it’s also close to how cats call each other when really looking for someone. It’s our cats’ emergency call!)
Mayhem (Both of these two well earned!)

Written by C.

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