Missed. That. Mouse…

We live, at the moment, in an ecohouse (kindly provided as our abode for the duration of our research in the foreign climes that we are visiting) located closely to the edge of the forest. It’s quite a sight, the whole day through, as we’re pretty much in the wilderness, with nothing but a few villages close by (the nearest about half an hour’s walk, so about 15-20 minutes by bike, and about an hour of really slow cycling will bring us to the actual civilisation). There is a multitude of wildlife around, and the wildlife gets into the house on more than just some occasions. While cats are known hunters and eaters of mice, the cats that grew up fairly motherless, it seems (we had vets confirm that too), don’t really develop good hunting skills.

Although, that could be disputed. All the three cats, as it happens, can more or less hunt. So on those occasions that a mouse does venture inside, it faces the terror of three (3!) nosy cats trying to figure out where it went.

Generally, we try to avoid them catching, killing and eating mice, not just because mice are cute as anything, but also because cats face a danger of a poisoned mouse ending on their dinner plate whenever they eat a mouse that’s wandered in from the field where the farmers do spray their crops, and since the distance to such a field is minimal, and because mice do not generally carry a note informing people about their health (maybe if they did, they wouldn’t get eaten… so hear me, mice!), we do all we can to prevent mousing.

Today, after supper, with all the three cats prowling about generally being themselves, I looked towards the kitchen nook and saw a small grey streak of fur run up the oven and under the wok (finally a mouse with a sense of where to hide! although… dinner plate mouse, already covered for convenience…? depends whom you ask, I guess…). So I rushed over to make sure the mouse would not get in trouble.

But trouble was way ahead of me, since all the three cats saw, in the same moment, what I saw, and were making little furry beelines for the oven as well.

Well, the story ended well for the mouse. It stayed hidden, then streaked back down and under, and I hope that it’s little mousy brain told it to GO HIDE SOMEWHERE. Hopefully. As for the cats, they’re still prowling around, with that special Missed. That. Mouse. look on them.

Written by A.

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