How far can I stuff you?

This happened a month or so after Mini and Luna were rescued/acquired/adopted/kidnapped (depending on whom you ask…). They were playing together on one of the beds. Incidentally, that bed is set close to the wall, creating that little nook between the bed and the wall in which so many items (such as hankies, books and even other items of yet more personal nature) are likely to end up sliding into. So Mini, then still firmly believed to be a Minette (well, he was so small it was almost impossible to tell… also, it’s been guessed that perhaps, he may have been even younger than we thought originally, because he was such a scrawny creature that nobody thought his tininess might have to do with being not just starved half to death, but also younger… and then, until, as Life of Brian has it, “things started to grow”, nobody even thought of re-checking…), anyway, Mini decided to make a little test.

The test was called “If I push you down and stuff you as far into the nook, how far can I stuff you?”

Insert Luna’s face of dismay and anger, not to mention indignation. Lunas are dignified creatures.

Really, we should’ve figured out then and there he was really a boy… ever read Tracy J. Butler’s Lackadaisy? That section about why Freckle is called Freckle? And the same sort of reasoning, ie, because I can, being applied? If you didn’t, go read it, because you’d be missing out if you didn’t… and it will make you understand Mini’s logic even more.

Written by A

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